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Souvenirs from Reunion

Reunion Island is a tropical paradise, held as a French region since the 1600's. You can find many of the traditional souvenirs here, such as seashell jewelry, wooden carvings and beach memorabilia. Unique to the island are volcanic memorabilia, such as pumice stones and beauty treatments made from the mineral rich mud. Coconut carvings are also interesting as a souvenir from Reunion Island, turned into village scenes and practical household items. Vases, ashtrays, bowls or key ring holders, perfect for displaying key chain memorabilia from your vacation, are just a few of the coconut products fashioned. Products created using local spices and flowers are a wonderful way to bring a scent of heaven back with you. Essential oils, lotions, potpourri, and dried flower arrangements are all very lovely and perfect for sharing. T-shirts are a great casual wardrobe memento, and picture postcards and refrigerator magnets will keep the tropics alive when you return home as a great Reunion Souvenir.

Reunion: What's In A Name

Located in the Indian Ocean, Reunion is, as a part of France, the outermost part of the European Union. The first official French claim on the island happened in 1642, when a dozen mutineers where unceremoniously deposited on the shore. When the mutineers were picked up a few years later, it became known as Ile Bourbon, named in honor of the French royal family. The French East India Company set up a colony of 20 settlers in 1665, firmly establishing the territory. The island has gone through several name changes, the first being to Reunion in 1793 to celebrate the French Revolution and the fall of the monarchy, then to Ile Bonaparte during the reign of Napoleon. The British Royal Navy overtook it in 1810, and referred to it by the name of Bourbon. That name was kept even after the island was restored to France in 1815, until the second fall of the monarchy in 1848, where the name was reverted to Reunion.

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