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Republic of the Congo

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Souvenirs from the Republic of the Congo

The Congo is a land of many ecological riches, and tempts tourists with a variety of landscapes to explore. Souvenirs from the Republic of the Congo are no less interesting, containing many centuries of tribal and colonial heritage. Those who have an interest in fashion will wish to seek out the handmade bracelets and jewelry sets, made from beads and precious metals, or purchase some locally woven cloth to have turned into a jacket or quilt. Wood carvings, made from ebony and featuring tribal gods, villagers and animals, are another highly popular Congolese souvenir. Pottery and ceramic sculptures are also available in the markets, and are a way to keep memories of your vacation around you, while baskets can be used for storage and decor in the home or office. If you need to purchase a quantity of souvenirs for friends and family, you can always find stacks of postcards featuring local landmarks, or charming key chains and magnets.

The Geography of the Republic of the Congo

Surrounded by Cabinda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Cameroon and Gabon, the Republic of the Congo covers 342,000 km of western central Africa, including 169 km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. As it is a tropical country, heat and humidity are high throughout the year. The rainy season from March to June causes much seasonal flooding of the Congo and Kouilou-Niari Rivers, which enriches farmland with nutrients and water to last through the dry remainder of the year. Much of the land is covered by rain forests, but there are also coastal plains, plateaus, valleys and mountains. In fact, the highest mountain is Mont Nabeba, part of the Mayumbe mountain range. There are many natural resources in the Republic of the Congo, including oil, minerals, timber and hydropower, but only 0.15% of fertile land is used for farming. Projects are currently underway to increase the amount of agriculture in the country.

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