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Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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The Diverse Appeal of Seoul Seoul is divided into two halves by the Han River. There are a great number of historical treasures hidden in the districts of Seoul than just its crowd of high-rise apartments. Jongno lies at the heart of the five major tourist districts at the northern part of Seoul whi..
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Souvenirs from Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Souvenirs from South Korea are reminders of your time spent exploring a different county and culture. Hanbok fashion is the traditional form of dress, focused on different colors and patterns. Purchasing a piece of clothing style would be a fun way to add a touch of vacation to your everyday life. If that particular fashion is not quite your cup of tea, perhaps a doll dressed in the Hanbok way would please a young girl, or look marvelous on a vanity table. Andong Masks are dramatically painted ceremonial pieces that would add visual interest to an office. Exotically flavored liquors are always welcome at any party. Some of the best South Korean souvenirs can be entertainingly kitsch, such as T-shirts with bad translations, novelty food items like canned larvae, or mounted pieces of barbed wire from the DMZ. If you find that you can't make a choice, there are always postcards, key chains and magnets to bring back.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Korea

Possessing one UNESCO World Heritage Site is a triumph for a country, and South Korea is host to many of these historically or ecologically significant areas. While there are far too many to list in one article, let's take a closer glimpse at a few of the most famous. The Seokguram Grotto contains many remarkable examples of Buddhist art, but is best known for the giant statue of Buddha overlooking the ocean. With the nearby Temple of Bulguksa, this 8th century religious complex is regarded for its insights into belief. Royal palaces are often exquisitely designed, but the Changdeokgung Palace complex is notable for the manner in which manmade structures, such as the king's residence and public offices, were incorporated into existing natural formations. The Jongmyo Shrine is one of the oldest and best preserved Confucian royal shrines. Built in the 16th century, it is the resting place of teaching tablets of royal family members.

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