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Souvenirs from Qatar

Visitors enjoying the hospitality of the State of Qatar find that the luxury and experience are like nowhere else on the planet. The Qatari souvenirs are no less special, reflecting the traditions and history of the people. You may wish to purchase a beautifully illustrated edition of the Koran, rich with the elegant calligraphy associated with the Arabic language. A madqan, or incense burner, is charming, especially when paired with frankincense, or a ceremonial sword, such as used in the traditional dances, could be equally welcomed. Dullah and kahwa cups, used to brew and serve Arabic coffee, would be a lovely display piece, or can be used to entertain guests. International sweets are always enjoyed, so pieces of halawa candy or dishes of dried dates could certainly make an excellent souvenir from Qatar. And lastly, no vacation would be complete without a carry-on bag full of magnets, T-shirts, postcards and key chains.

Visiting Qatar

Visitors to Qatar have a plethora of options available to them, many that not available anywhere else on the planet. It is highly recommended that you avail yourself of the spa culture. Many of them are based on the Roman baths, with a series of rooms and pools at different temperature to enhance the experience. After the treatments have ended, enjoy a evening at a sheisha lounge, smoking flavored tobacco through a water pipe. If your interests are more cultural in nature, a stop at the Museum of Islamic Art is a must. Strolling along the Corniche, a boardwalk that serves as the meeting place of Doha's citizens is a unique and lively experience, bustling with street performers, picnics and games. The surrounding desert offers many experiences, including adventure four wheel driving trips, abandoned villages, and nature reserves. You may also find one of the many desert markets that have been existence for centuries.

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