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Souvenirs from Pitcairn

Souvenirs from Pitcairn are a reflection of the islands natural bounty and colonial heritage. As an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, there are many traditionally British touches mixed in with tropical imagery. Some of the most popular pieces of memorabilia are the stamps featuring beautiful seascapes, world politicians and literary figures. Pitcairner souvenirs tend to the hand-crafted, such as embroidered tea towels, and woven baskets. You can also find bath and body products created with local herbs and flowers, which are a perfect way to integrate your vacation memories with everyday life. These same fragrant plants are also used in honey production, creating a taste sensation unlike anything else in the world. A wooden carving of a marine animal is another easily found article, representative of the islands' heritage. Of course, everyone loves a postcard, T-shirt, refrigerator magnet, or fun key chain to help them remember a great holiday.

Things to do in Pitcairn

The beautiful natural landscapes and warm inhabitants of Pitcairn welcome visitors to explore the islands and celebrate the joy of living. The crystal clear waters hold many treasures, including several shipwrecks for scuba divers to explore and a wide variety of sea life. Fishermen may prefer to try their luck from a boat, or on the rocks that line the shore's perimeter. On the land, a four-wheel drive tour of the country, taking in all of the sights and sounds, can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, or you may wish to take advantage of the many posted and well-maintained hiking trails, looking for all of the birds that nest here. If you would truly like to experience life as a Pacific Islander, Pitcairners are very open to including tourists in everyday activities. You could learn basket weaving, wood carving or help a family cut down a banana tree.

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