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Souvenirs from Paraguay

The Republic of Paraguay offers extreme vacations and historical experiences for the discerning traveler. Paraguayan souvenirs are no less interesting, based on Portuguese and tribal traditions. A spectacular example of this is the jewelry created by the native tribes, especially the feathered necklaces, that contrast with the sophisticated gold filigree work found in the larger cities. If you are searching for clothing, look for items made from ao poi fabric, a finely woven fabric used to make shirts, purses and blankets, or n'andute fabric, which is available in almost a hundred different patterns. From the Amazonian Indian markets, you will find bows and arrows, carved wooden statues and woven baskets. Leather is made into bags, belts, vests, jackets and sculptures, and beautifully colored pottery is available for purchase. Mass-produced souvenirs from Paraguay are ideal for giving to co-workers or friends, and can be a funny postcard, a beaded leather keychain or a colorful magnet.

Paraguayan Animals

There are a varied assortment of animals living in Paraguay, many crossing borders with neighboring countries, such as tapirs, jaguars, armadillos, anteaters and capybaras. You may also see some endangered or vulnerable species, such as the bush dog, the giant anteater, the giant otter, the marsh deer, or the giant armadillo. As an Atlantic Forest bio-diversity hot spot, there are also many animals that are specific only to Paraguay, especially in freshwater fish. Sportsfishers may enjoy searching for the various types of catfish, some growing over several meters long. Two types of false coral snakes are also endemic, and spectacled lizards are just a few of the local reptiles. Many bright and beautiful butterflies make their home here, and alien-looking long horned beetles are found in the underbrush. There are also many Paraguayan plants, such as cacti, palms, lilies and orchids, that can only be found growing within the countries borders.

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