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Papua New Guinea

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Souvenirs from Papua New Guinea

The Independent State of Papua New Guinea is host to many different styles of souvenirs, including tribal items and more traditional fare, such as magnets, post cards, snow globes, T-shirts and key chains. Unique tribal items, such as woven masks decorated with shells and teeth, will certainly brighten up your walls. Story boards are bas relief carved wooden planks that illustrate stories, events and life celebrations, and would be an interesting Papua New Guinean souvenir. Drums made from tree trunks and reptile skin might be difficult to fit in your luggage, but perhaps a bilum will. This string bag is woven from natural fibers and is great to pack your memorabilia in, such as colorful feathers from the local birds. Another remarkable souvenir from Papua New Guinea is the Spirit Board, believed to be the supernatural guardians of homes and villages. For something slightly tamer, inlaid wooden bowls and baskets are also quite popular.

The Ecology of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a miracle of forests, grasslands and swamps, home to many unique species.

The main islands neighbor Australia and New Zealand, and are actually physically connected to them via a continental shelf. This shelf is so shallow, that is has actually served as a land bridge during the ice ages. Because of this, many of the Papua New Guinea animal species are actually genetically linked to Australian animals, such as species of kangaroos and possums. There are islands that are beyond the continental shelf, and they have differently evolved species that are unrelated to Australia. Within Papua New Guinea, you will find several types of ecosystems, including a large amount of rain forests, fresh and saltwater swamps and grass lands. Each area has uniquely adapted plants and animals, making the entire country a popular destination for eco-tourists and photo safaris. You can arrange for daily excursions, or professionally guided camping trips to really enjoy the scenery.

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