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Dead Sea in Palestine on Acrylic Fridge Magnet The famous Dead Sea is a big salt lake that is bordering Jordan towards the east and the West Bank and Israel to the west. Dead Sea is also known as Salt Sea, The Sea of Death and Sea of Salt. It is a prominent tourist attraction of both, Jordan and Isr..
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Palestinian Souvenir: Church of Nativity on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Those in search of suitable souvenirs of Bethlehem and Palestine should look at this fine acrylic fridge magnet. The magnet shows a lovely view of the Church of Nativity situated in Bethlehem. It is recognized as one of the oldest Chr..
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Souvenirs from Palestine

The land of Palestine is part of the fabled land of milk and honey spoken of in religious texts, and the visitors to this country are often searching for some deeper meaning to their spiritual journey. Palestinian souvenirs are linked to centuries of history, such as the blown glassworks of Hebron, known from the Middle Ages for quality and beauty. Pottery is still made in the same forms that are found in local archeological digs, or one can find modern ceramics that will accent any space with bright colors. Olive trees are found everywhere in the country, and the entire tree is used to make souvenirs from Palestine, such as olive oil beauty products and olivewood carved statues and rosaries. Textiles are another popular art form, such as the weavings produced by the Bedouin tribes. Majdalawi fabric is traditionally woven by a man, and combines dark cotton threads with vibrant silk threads. Finally, you mustn't forget to purchase plenty of key chains and magnets as memorabilia.

Palestinian Weather

Visitors to Palestine can enjoy warm temperate weather throughout most of the year, with moderating breezes from the Mediterranean. The winter months can get cold, dropping to zero degrees Celsius, with rainy days adding to the chill. However, there are only 50 days of heavy precipitation each year, so this shouldn't be too much of an issue. The springtime and early summer months see the arrival of the Khamaseen winds, laden with heat and dust from the Arabian desert. During the extreme summer months of July and August, daytime temperatures are near 35 degrees Celesius, but due to the dry air, become rather cool at night. These same dry conditions are ideal for people with breathing problems. Those who find that humidity exacerbates such problems will wish to avoid Palestine during the wet months of January and February. Palestine receives many hours of sunlight each year, and has turned to solar energy to make use of this free resource.

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