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An Image from the Eastern World Religion has obviously played a huge role into Pakistan's identity and that is why it is quite a sight to see structures like these from the Eastern world. There is a divine quality to this magnet souvenir from Pakistan that is complimented by lighter color tones that..
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Souvenirs from Pakistan

Textiles make ideal souvenirs from Pakistan, as the country is known as a leading in clothing production. One beautiful item you might consider purchasing is a shawl. Done in a variety of sizes, colors, textures and trims, it can be used to decorate an outfit, a couch, table or bed. You can also purchase custom made bedsheets, and traditional costumes. Carpets and tapestries are highly sought after. Northern Pakistan's mines are host to many gemstones, so you will find a great deal of beautiful jewelry at ideal prices. Onyx is a specialty of the region and can be turned into large decorative items, in addition to jewelry. If you are searching for something unique, inlaid wood furniture will give your home distinction. The technique is used on a variety of smaller objects, such as boxes and board games. Brightly colored ornaments, fridge magnets, die-cut key chains and photographic postcards are other Pakistani souvenirs to consider.

Festivals in Pakistan

A large part of a successful vacation is immersion in different cultures, and festivals are a fun and easy way to experience the traditions, history, food and customs of the region you are visiting. In Pakistan, you can enjoy many entertaining festivals throughout the year, including Basant. This springtime celebration is a colorful way to mark the end of winter, with kite flying and traditional clothing in shades of yellow and green. Mela Chiraghan is a weeklong festival of lamps that takes place at a famous Sufi shrine in Lahore. Here, they extoll traditional religious works and drum dances. The harvest festival of Utchal takes place when the wheat and barley harvest have been processed, and revolves around feasting and general merrymaking. At Islamabad, the Lok Mela folk festival takes the whole Pakistani cultural experience and condenses it into a weeklong expo of dancing, crafts, music and food.

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