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Souvenirs from Oman

The Sultanate of Oman offers many luxuries and charms for its visitors, and Omani souvenirs retain that same sense of style. Whether you choose a fantastically detailed curved dagger called the khanjar or a tiny box made from silver and inlaid with lapis azuli, you can be assured that you will find something to suit your home. Incense burners, tea sets, clay pots to cook meals in and elaborate Quran stands are all lovely souvenirs from Oman. Camels are a popular motif, and can be found in stuffed or ceramic form, printed onto key chains and magnets, or featured in coffee table books and postcards. A particularly sought out form of jewelry is the Omani wedding set. Crafted from silver and ornate in detailing, these exquisite pieces can be quite valuable, based on age and quality. Something slightly less expensive, but certainly distinctive, is a woven milking basket, with a leather bottom to hold liquid.

Ancient and Natural Wonders of Oman

Omani tourists are often seeking historical edification and excitement in their travels, and the many delights found in this country are sure to be enjoyed. Many ancient forts and castles are scattered throughout the land, providing a glimpse into life as it once was. Those who prefer to view nature's cathedrals should go rock climbing in the Al Haja Mountains, or visit Al Jabar Al Akhdar, where luscious fruits are grown on its slopes. Birdwatchers will enjoy a trip to the Al-Ansab Wetland, home to over 280 different species of birds, or to Al-Hickman to see the flamingo flocks. A truly remarkable sight is the Bimmah Sinkhole, deep and filled with turquoise waters. Interested parties can climb down the side to get a closer look at the basin. Ras Al Jinz is home to another fantastic natural wonder, as tens of thousands of sea turtles visit the beach every night to lay their eggs.

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