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Nova Scotia

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Flag of Nova Scotia Now Available As Acrylic Fridge Magnet Nova Scotia is the most populous maritime province of Canada. The flag of Nova Scotia has a blue saltire over a white background is an adaptation of the flag of Scotland. The name of Nova Scotia got its name from a Latin word meaning "New Sc..
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Snap Up a Souvenir of the Oldest Coat of Arms in Canada That's right, people. The coat of arms of the province of Nova Scotia is the oldest provincial arms in all of the great country of Canada. It is also the oldest British coat of arms outside of Great Britain. King Charles I granted the coat of a..
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What you didn't Know about Nova Scotia Regarded as the Atlantic Playground and the second smallest province in Canada, Nova Scotia is bordered by four water bodies - the Gulf of St Lawrence, the Bay of Fundy, the Northumberland Strait and the Atlantic Ocean. A little larger than Denmark and smaller ..
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Souvenirs from Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a true gem. From cosmopolitan Halifax to the rugged beauty of Cape Breton Island, it's a land of dramatic landscapes, friendly people, and unforgettable experiences to be had. Locals are known for their welcoming nature, and the landscape is known for the wide variety of outdoor activities it offers year round. Be sure to commemorate your trip to Nova Scotia with souvenir spoons, plates, T-shirts, and coffee mugs, depicting the province's famous lighthouses or its striking flag. Magnets depicting landmarks such as the Bay of Fundy are also wonderful souvenirs from Nova Scotia. And wherever you travel in this unique province, be sure to take lots of photos!

Nova Scotia's Maritime Charm

Nova Scotia is an ocean paradise: nowhere in the province is more than 67 kilometers from the sea! No trip to Nova Scotia is complete without a visit to the Bay of Fundy. A large ocean bay that stretches all the way to New Brunswick, the bay is famous for having the highest tides in the world. At the Bay of Fundy you can visit national and provincial parks, coastal hiking trails, natural history museums, lighthouses, and tide harbours. Perhaps the most popular activity in the bay, however, is whale watching. There's nothing more thrilling than watching an enormous humpback whale breaching right beside your boat, glimpsing a newborn whale calf, or seeing dolphins at play. You can commemorate your trip to this magical place with stuffed toy whales and dolphins, as well as whale sculptures, jewelry, and T-shirts. Various small fishing villages are also great tourist attractions. Peggys Cove is a small town on the Atlantic coast famous for its rustic streetscapes and delicious lobster dinners. Be sure to remember your trip to these amazing villages with souvenir plates or framed photographs.

Halifax: Nova Scotia Hospitality

Halifax offers visitors a dynamic mix of the old and new, all of it unforgettable. Explore Halifax's waterfront Historic Properties, once the warehouses of licensed pirates called privateers who stored their stolen wares there. Now occupied by vibrant shops, pubs, restaurants, and cafes, it's a fun place to stop for a meal and do some souvenir shopping. Pirate-themed clothing, jewelry, books, and historical keepsakes are all available for purchase. From there, you might depart on one of North America's longest-running saltwater ferries for a harbour tour. Remember your trip with a model antique ferry boat or a nautically themed key ring. More of Halifax's exciting past is on display at the Halifax Citadel Historic Site, where you can view accounts of the many battles fought there as well as antique muskets, artillery, and battle dress. Replicas of these centuries-old weapons make great memories of your time in Halifax. For a sophisticated evening, don't miss the Casino Nova Scotia. Themed poker chips or souvenir playing cards are a must! The Neptune Theatre is a wonderful place to take in some world-class drama and purchase musical scores, programs, and souvenir photos that will always remind you of your enchanted evening there. In Halifax, the possibilities are endless. Go exploring!

Outdoor Adventures in Nova Scotia

A maritime playground that offers four seasons and an infinity of landscapes, Halifax is paradise for lovers of the outdoors. Fishing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and of course water sports are top-notch here. The challenging Cabot Trail and the more mellow Annapolis Valley Lowlands offer unforgettable venues for hiking or cycling. Natural keepsakes such as jewelry, wooden carvings, and photography will capture the region's breathtaking views for a lifetime. Cyclist will treasure Nova Scotia-themed athletic clothing and bicycle accessories. Camping in Kejimkujik National Park and Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a thrilling and budget-friendly way to experience Nova Scotia's natural beauty up close. With mountains, a lake, and seaside expanses, Kejimkujik is a national treasure. Cape Breton is famous for its steep cliffs and dramatic canyons, all surrounded by sea. Your visits to these magical places will certainly be unforgettable - augment your memories with souvenir T-shirts, caps, art, and guidebooks that will allow you to share your experiences with friends and family.

Nova Scotia's Gaelic Pride

Over the centuries, Nova Scotia has welcomed hundreds of thousands of Irish and Scottish immigrants. Their ancestors now celebrate their heritage with a lively Gaelic culture, and identify collectively as Gaedheil, which means "those who speak Gaelic." The culture is so strong, in fact, that more people speak Gaelic in Nova Scotia than in Scotland! You can enjoy this wonderful tradition by attending Gaelic music festivals or the Antigonish Highland Games, a centuries-old sporting event. For a more laid-back experience, simply pop in to a pub! Be sure to go home with a case of the province's favorite beer, Alexander Keith's Pale Ale, which is from a Scottish tradition. Recordings of the province's lively Gaelic music scene and souvenirs bearing Gaelic expressions are also wonderful mementos.

Nova Scotia: Fun Facts!

  • Nova Scotia is proud of its strong Irish and Scottish heritage. You might purchase a souvenir bearing the official welcome, "Ciad Mile Failte!" That means "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" in Gaelic.
  • Halifax is the site of the final resting places of many victims of the ill-fated Titanic. Commemorate the historic event with Titanic-themed keepsakes.
  • The expression "he drinks like a fish!" is said to have originated in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotians are certainly known for their lively social events - be sure to join in, and buy a keepsake from one of the province's many pubs!
  • Lobster-themed souvenirs are a great way to remember your trip - for two reasons! The province of Nova Scotia is shaped like a lobster, which also happens to be one of its most famous exports.
  • Nova Scotia includes over 3,800 coastal islands. You definitely won't have time to visit them all - but at least explore a few!

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