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Northwest Territories

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Acrylic Fridge Magnet for the Flag of Northwest Territories The present flag of the Northwest Territories was adopted by the Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories in the year 1969. The entire flag has numerous symbolisms. With blue and white coloured vertical panels on both sides and a middl..
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From Disinterested Narwhals to a Sinister Fox, the Tale of the Northwest Territories Coat of Arms Narwhals are not just in the opening scenes of Elf (truly great movie, by the way). They also begrudgingly adorn the crest of the Northwest Territories coat of arms. Although, maybe their expressions ar..
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The Northwest Territories - Blissful as Ever The Northwest Territories spreads across the 60th parallel until the North Pole, and is the second largest of the three Canadian territories. The capital city - Yellowknife is dubbed the "diamond capital of North America", and is sometimes regarded as the..
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Souvenirs from the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories offers visitors a true opportunity to get away from it all. This pristine, sparsely inhabited northern wilderness will enchant you! From Wood Buffalo National Park in the southeast to the Mackenzie River Delta in the northwest, this is a place of big skies, friendly people, and majestic wildlife. Commemorate your trip to the Northwest Territories with T-shirts, fridge magnets, souvenir plates, coffee mugs, and key rings bearing some of the territory's most famous sights. Items depicting the territory's flag also make great souvenirs. Featuring a coat of arms depicting a white fox, narwhals, the tree line, and the magnetic North Pole, the flag encapsulates all that makes this province special. Keepsakes bearing this famous crest will help you keep your memories of the Northwest Territories alive.

Adventure in the Northwest Territories

From the most adventurous tourists to those who appreciate creature comforts, everyone can experience the area's natural beauty. In the south, you'll find Wood Buffalo National Park, where you can view bison, cranes, and hundreds of other wildlife species from hiking trails, campsites, or even the comfort of your car. Nearby Great Slave Lake is one of the clearest and deepest freshwater lakes in the world. It's bordered by the city of Yellowknife, a top destination for visitors. In the summer the area is warm enough for swimming and golfing, while in the winter the city celebrates dog sled races and kite skiing under the Aurora. Celebrate your visit to Yellowknife with souvenir plates and magnets depicting its rustic skyline, or remember the Big Lake (as locals call it) with dog sled, golf, and nautical souvenirs. The nearby wilderness of Dehcho is one of the only parts of the Northwest Territories with roads. Drive through the beautiful scenery, camp, and visit the Dene communities that dot the area. On your way, you can collect local Dene handcrafts as well as art and clothing depicting some of the area's famous waterfalls.

The Mackenzie River and Northern Lakes

Paddlers, hikers, anglers, and wildlife enthusiasts flock to the northern reaches of this province. You can travel north by floatplane or jet boat, enjoying a mixture of rugged outdoor adventure and total luxury at some of the area's luxury alpine lodges. The Mackenzie River stretches from Great Slave Lake all the way north to the arctic Beaufort Sea and is Canada's longest river. It is a top destination for white-water rafters, who consider this river to be a paragon of challenging terrain and beautiful scenery. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a trip along the river, be sure to buy a miniature white-water raft, framed photographs of the river valleys, or other souvenirs depicting the river and the tundra that surrounds it. Even farther north, the Mackenzie River Delta offers spectacular fishing and a vibrant indigenous culture. Purchase souvenir fishing equipment or collect some of the amazing handmade clothing and art produced by local Inuit communities.

A Few Fun Facts About the Northwest Territories

  • About half of the territory is above the tree line. Celebrate the sparse tundra landscape, which comes alive with flowers each spring, with souvenir plates and magnets.
  • Yellowknife is known as "The Diamond City" because of the diamond mines in the area. A Canadian diamond makes a precious keepsake from your trip.
  • In the winter, some highways in the Northwest Territories freeze so solidly that they are used as highways by trucks. Miniature transport trucks celebrating these "ice road truckers" are interesting conversation pieces.
  • Inuvik is Canada's most northern town. Should you make it that far north, collect a miniature of the town's famous igloo-shaped church to commemorate your visit.
  • The blanket toss is a game you'll see at Inuit festivals throughout the territory. It originated as a way to toss people high in the air to spot game while hunting. If you are brave enough to try it yourself, don't forget to have your picture taken!

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