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Northern Cyprus

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Souvenirs from Northern Cyprus

Souvenirs from Northern Cyprus are a reflection of the care and attention placed into traditional handicrafts. Reed weaving is used to create beautiful baskets and wall hangings, modernly showing statements of political support. Lefkara lacework is a delicately produced textile that is produced to decorate the home, as a part of pillows, samplers and picture frames. You can also purchase hand-woven rugs made from Angora, and floor coverings of sheep-skin. If you are looking for something to hold all the post cards, key chains and magnets you are picking up from the markets, hand painted pottery, with Mediterranean motifs, could be an ideal match, or baskets created in the coastal style. Other regional Turkish Cypriot souvenirs are copper and brass household items, such as coffee pots and candlesticks, silver jewelry, and Tayla, used to play backgammon. The famous evil eye talismans, blue beads with representations of human eyes, are another must have memento for your vacation.

Northern Cyprus: Territory or Nation

The existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a matter for the diplomats. Currently recognized by Turkey, the rest of the international community is of the belief that the territory belongs to the Republic of Cypress. In the 1970's, a clash between Greek and Turkish Cypriots resulted in Greece attempting to annex the region, and Turkey invading. As a result, the island is divided into 2 sections, with Northern Cyprus declaring itself an independent state, reliant on Turkey, who maintains a military presence there. The UN sees this as an unjust occupation, and has made several resolutions denouncing the situation and declaring Northern Cyprus's independence legally invalid. The European Union has begun to reach out the citizens offering trade agreements and monetary aid. It is believed by many observers that the independence of Kosovo could provide precedence for recognizing Northern Cyprus as its own nation in the near future.

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