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North America

North American Souvenirs

North American souvenirs come from a diverse selection of nations, some English-speaking and some Spanish-speaking, ranging from the frigid northern lands of Canada to the steamy, vibrant jungles of Costa Rica and Panama. There are many major tourist destinations within the North American continent, with something to appeal to basically any taste. Each country has a distinctive culture, so the souvenirs you are likely to collect from each are intriguingly different.

A northern nation, Canada's emblem is a red sugar maple leaf, which makes a striking, instantly recognizable motif for fridge magnets, keychains, plates, and so on. The daring French Voyageurs, explorers of the north and trappers of beaver for European fur markets, are featured on other souvenirs from Canada. The major cities also provide plenty of landmarks that will recall your visit or make you eager to take your first trip there.

American souvenirs tend to feature a lot of patriotic emblems such as United States flags, bald eagles, the Statue of Liberty which overlooks New York Harbor, and so on. American wildlife and natural wonders are other popular souvenir depictions, ranging from grizzly bears and black capped chickadees to the Grand Canyon or the Old Faithful geyser of Yellowstone National Park. One very distinctive type of North American souvenirs from the United States evokes the Native American tribes who once roamed the whole continent and who now live mostly on reservations.

North American Souvenirs from Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and points south

Though Canada and the United States may be the economically dominant countries of North America, fascinating cultures and excellent souvenirs are to be found in other North American nations as well. Mexico is one such, with a vigorous Latin heritage and an Indian history stretching far back into the mists of time. Whether you prefer images of sombreros and bullfights or the eerie statuary of ancient Aztec times, there are many fridge magnets and t-shirts to add to your collection.

Costa Rica's splendid array of plant and animal life, as well as its dedication to ecotourist excellence, marks it out as another major tourist center. From toucans to volcanoes, jaguars to Pacific beaches, this small tropical jewel offers scores of different possibilities for eye-catching and imagination-stimulating North American souvenirs.

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