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Architectural Design of the Abuja National Mosque Located in the capital city of Abuja, Nigeria, the Abuja National Mosque, is one of the most recognized religious buildings of the city. The Abuja National Mosque has been designed and built strategically in a way that it can be viewed from almost di..
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Souvenirs from Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is an exotic journey into Africa, and Nigerian souvenirs are beautifully crafted works of art. Perhaps some of the most sought after are the boldly colored and distinctively stylized tribal pieces, such as ceremonial masks, carved idols and spears. Leatherwork items, like belts, shoes, bags and sculptures, are also quite popular, and can be found for excellent prices. If you have the means to transport it, cane furniture, such as dining and patio sets, can be lasting souvenirs from Nigeria. Brass and bronze metal carvings and castings are significant pieces of memorabilia, but smaller hammered necklaces are quite easy to transport. Woven raffia bags, wallets, hats, baskets and tapestries are found in all the markets, as well as pottery, molded into bowls, trays, pots and pitchers. Finally, who can resist stands full of picture postcards, jangling key chains, and shiny magnets as fun ways to remember a vacation?

Nigerian Adventures

The primary draw for many tourists to Nigeria is the natural experience of wild animals and authentic settings. Climbing Chappal Waddi is an interesting way to experience both. As the tallest mountain in Africa, the climb takes you past plains and forests, leopards and buffalo to a spectacular vista of the surrounding area. The Yankari Natural Park is host to the Warm Springs of Wikki, where you can enjoy mineral baths and spa treatments and take a photo safari on the grounds, capturing pictures of the wildlife. You may also wish to follow the Amazon to the Obudu Plateau, where you can view tall waterfalls and gorillas in their natural environment. Birdwatcher's will want to stop at the Gashaka-gumti National Park, where thousands of birds gather to live and rest from migrations. For those seeking a more isolated experience should look into visiting Calabar beach. Sandy and unpolluted, it can only be reached by canoe.

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