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Souvenirs from Niger

Souvenirs from Niger are a lovely way to remember and share your vacation with friends and family members. The level of talent that goes into creating the handcrafted pieces of memorabilia is extraordinarily high, as can be seen in the detail of the fine gold and silver jewelry for sale. Fabric is another perfect purchase, since these yards of richly dyed and embroidered material can be turned into clothing, curtains, tablecloths or bedspreads. If you are looking for something that is more traditionally African, visit the markets in smaller villages to purchase Tuareg swords, shields, daggers and baskets. Decorated gourds are another unique craft to use in your decor. Nigerien souvenirs can also be something as fun and playful as a screen-printed T-shirt, a water globe, a beaded key chain or a refrigerator magnet. No matter how you choose to commemorate it, you will always remember your trip to the Republic of Niger.

Desert Ecosystems of Niger

Niger has a mostly desert climate, requiring its flora and fauna to adapt to a lack of water and extremely warm temperature. This type of vegetation is called Sahelo-Saharan, and grows to different heights depending on the water levels available. In the north of Niger, you'll see more Mediterranean trees, such as cypresses and olives, while more native African plants appear as you move southerly, such as kapok and shea tree. Around the oases and springs, you will see date palms, fruit trees, eucalyptus and some cereal type plants benefitting from the water sources. The animals of the country have adapted to a lack of water by becoming nocturnal, searching for food at night time. A few of the species you may see include: antelopes, hyenas, elephants, giraffes, lions, wart hogs and crocodiles. The diversities of the land, plants and animals have made Niger into a vacation destination for the nature lover.

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