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Souvenirs from Nicaragua

Many people visit the Republic of Nicaragua every year to enjoy the rainforests and local culture, and search for the best mementoes to remember their vacations. Souvenirs from Nicaragua can be a beautifully painted piece of pottery, a hand-woven hammock to hang on your back porch, or an artisanal piece of gold jewelry. A charming pair of leather sandals and a matching handbag will be a delight to wear with an embroidered dress both on the streets of Managua and upon your return. Those who enjoy cigars will be pleased with the large selection available within the country. Purchasing a piece of sculpture, a watercolor landscape or a tapestry from a local artist could be a very personal Nicaraguan souvenir. Of course, there will always be stacks of lovely postcards, dimensional refrigerator magnets, jangling key chains, slogan printed T-shirts, glitter filled water globes, and colorful shot glasses for the tourist to purchase.

The Forests of Nicaragua

A wide diversity of animals, plants and settings bring thousands of tourists to Nicaragua every year. The rainforest is a spectacular gathering place of life, with the majority of it untouched by industry. There are two reserves dedicated to the wet tropical rainforest, indicated by the heavy presence of water, both in the eastern side of the country. The western side, which touches the Pacific, is home to many dry tropical rain forests, which have the same vegetation, but lack the continuous water source. During the dry seasons, many of the trees lose their foliage and turn brown or yellow. A very special type of forest can be found in the higher elevations. These cloud forests, named for their constant cloud enclosure, remain green year round, and thanks to the high levels of moisture, produce a great variation on the types of flora and fauna that live in on the mountaintops.

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