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Stupa At Swayambunath (Monkey) Temple In Kathmandu, Nepal Captured On An Attractive Acrylic Fridge Magnet The Swayambunath Temple is situated in the Kathmandu Valley and is often referred to as the monkey temple due to the holy monkeys that reside there. The stupa at the Swayambunath Temple is feat..
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Breathtaking Image of the Holy Grail of all Mountaineers The highest mountain on earth has attracted the boldest of adventurers for hundreds of years, and this fantastic picture of beautiful Mt. Everest and the Khumbu Icefall is an incredible photograph to keep as a souvenir from Nepal. You don't ha..
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A Picture Of Lhotse And Everest At The Foot Of The Himalayas In Nepal, On An Acrylic Fridge Magnet People will be familiar with the Himalayan Mountains; two of them, Lhotse and Everest, are pictured on this attractive acrylic fridge magnet from the catalogues of World Wide Gifts. Lhotse is the four..
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The Majestic Ama Dablam In The Himalayas, At Nepal Pictured On A Vinyl Fridge Magnet The name Ama Dablam comes from the appearance of this Himalayan Mountain. Sherpa women traditionally wear a pendant containing pictures of the gods. It is thought that the mountain's hanging glacier resembles this..
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Souvenirs from Nepal

Visitors to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal are often struck by the quality of the goods offered by the local artisans, and take home many examples as Nepali souvenirs. Pashmina, woven from the soft inner wool of the Himalayan lamb, is a prized commodity for its lush textures and is turned into luxury goods for sale throughout the world. Purchasing a pashmina scarf, sweater or coat while in the country can be an excellent deal. Jewelry, made from precious metals and stones mined from the mountains, is another fantastic souvenir from Nepal, especially when created in delicate regional motifs. Look for turquoise pieces, made into jewelry or home decor items. Another popular item is the sacred scroll paintings, full of myths and pictures of deities, found in many of the cities. Of course, a fantastic postcard in a woven picture frame, beaded key chain or refrigerator magnet would make for a fine piece of memorabilia.

Nepali Souvenirs

Wood carvings from Kathmandu are prized throughout the nation, and the world, for their intricate designs and sturdy craftsmanship. The fine scrollwork enhances picture and mirror frames, doors and windows, and is also used to decorate small boxes, trays and screens. For those looking smaller, but no less exquisite, souvenirs from Nepal, small bags of tea and kitchen spices would be a wonderful present, allowing the recipient to add some divine flavor to their everyday meals. A gift of a clay jug or serving bowl would be another thoughtful item to pick up in the markets. Woven fabrics and beautiful silks from nearby lands could be made into clothing or household linens, enhancing everyday life with a touch of your vacation. Handmade lokta paper, woven bags made from hemp fibers, sheepskin slippers and leather belts are just a few other ideas for Nepali souvenirs that reflect the culture and heritage of the country.

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