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Souvenirs from Nauru

Souvenirs from Nauru are typical of the Micronesia style, featuring local resources used in clever ways. Tapas cloth, a time consuming method of creating sheets of fabric from tree bark, is decorated with island motifs and given on special occasions. Hand woven baskets are useful and lovely, made from dried leaves that are elaborately twisted into patterns. Available in many different sizes, these would be ideal in a home or office setting. Island fragrances, created by distilling essential oils from local flowers and spices, are used to add a hint of natural sweetness to candles and body products. Jewelry, made using shells, wooden beads and coconut shells, are a charming way to add style to an outfit, and a hand dyed pareo can be used as a skirt, pants, dress or scarf on many occasions. Of course, Nauruan souvenirs also include colorful key chains, fun post cards and refrigerator magnets.

Outdoor Activities in Nauru

Wondering what to do on a vacation in the Republic of Nauru? The deep blue waters offer many temptations for the traveler, not including frolicking in the waves. Scuba diving through the clear blue waters to unspoiled reefs and ship wrecks is a once in a life time experience that shouldn't be missed. For those who wish to prefer eat fish rather than watch them, many locals offer use of their boats for deep sea fishing, searching for tuna, marlins and barracudas. On dry land, there are many interesting trails that go through Nauru's vegetation, taking you past the many varieties of island's flora and fauna. An old phosphate mine provides an interesting hike to those interested in something more strenuous. Naturally, you will wish to visit the markets to sift through piles of souvenirs and handicrafts, searching for the best way to remember your trip, before returning to your hotel for the night.

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