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Like a Poster in a Coffee Shop This souvenir from Namibia looks like some poster you would find in a coffee shop. Perhaps, it is because of its almost passive color tones. If you're looking for something calming, you certainly can't go wrong with this souvenir from Namibia. At the same time, there i..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of African Elephants in Namibia The desert elephants of Namibia are a source of interest for people who adore nature and animals. Namibian desert-dwelling elephants are of great international, as well as a national conservation priority, as this species of elephants is close to..
Ex Tax:US$3.29
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Souvenirs from Namibia

The Republic of Nambia offers unique souvenirs for the discerning traveler, and excellent quality in handicrafts. Stone and carved wooden decorative items from the Caprivi area are easy to find, as well as woven palm baskets and beads. Popular children's souvenirs from Nambia are small dolls in tribal dress, and toy cars handcrafted from wire. Rugs and tapestries, created from karakul wool, are detailed and beautiful Nambian souvenirs. Kudu leather products are a fascinating take on shoes and belts, and swakara woolen clothing is stylish and modern. Diamonds and gemstones are found in abundance in Nambia, and make a truly memorable memento of the country. You can have the jewels set in gold while visiting the country by local metal smiths. Too extravagant? Bushman jewelry, created from eggshells, is lovely and slightly more practical. Of course, the most convenient vacation memorabilia are the legions of post cards, key chains and fridge magnets that will delight you for years to come.

Outdoor Activities in Nambia

Nambia's climate and geography make it ideally suited for extreme outdoor sports and activities. Every year, various marathons and triathlons are staged in the country, taking advantage of the deserts and coastlines for exciting competitions. Walvis Bay is a prime example of this dichotomy, with sand dunes bordering the city and a lagoon providing access to the Atlantic Ocean. It is possible to take an ocean excursion to go fishing one day, enjoy wind surfing the next and spend time hiking through the desert, snapping photos, before boarding your plane. There are many national parks and reserves that make it possible to enjoy the wildlife at a safe distance, including impalas, rhinos, jackals, dik-diks, lizards and countless other animals. For those who prefer a more civilized time, Windhoek offers golfing, shopping and cultural events at Zoo Park. Windhoek is also the capital of Nambia, and home to the Tintenplast, the governmental center, where you can see politicians in their natural environment.

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