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Souvenirs from Mozambique

The island paradise of Mozambique offers sun, surf and warmth to its visitors and Mozambican souvenirs are prefect ways to remember the fun times. Created from local resources, these are carefully crafted in traditional methods. Strings of seashells and beads are turned into beautiful necklaces and bracelets, and hand woven and dyed fabric is used in clothing and household decorations. Other souvenirs from Mozambique are carved wooden statues resembling wild animals and ancient gods, pieces of hand turned pottery and paintings done by local artists. Of course, one can always find charming baskets used for storage and woven bags to carry beach essentials. If you are searching for gifts for children, stuffed crocodiles and flamingos, posters of local wildlife and T-shirts are sure to please. Postcards, shot glasses, visors, paperweights, refrigerator magnets and key chains featuring maps, icons and slogans popular with the citizens of Mozambique are an easy way to keep memories of your vacation.

Things to Do in Mozambique

Visitors to Mozambique are often astounded at the perfect blending of natural beauty and colonial architecture that exists in the country. Bazaruto Island, the largest island in the archipelago, offers flocks of vibrantly colored flamingos, lakes full of ferocious crocodiles, all overlooked by a Portuguese lighthouse in a postcard perfect setting. The view form the top of the lighthouse is said to be magnificent as well. The charms of Benguerra Island are found under the water, with the Two-Mile Reef and Aquarium natural pool, where corals and schools of tropical fish lure snorkelers and divers. The Central Railway Station of Maputo, designed by Gustave Eiffel, is deemed to be amongst the most beautiful in the world. Marble pillars surround a grand central dome, and are accented by detailed wrought iron work. The second largest artificial lake in Africa, Cahora Bassa is part of a massive hydroelectric system in Southern Africa, with multiple dams. Fishing and watersports are available to all here, and can be quite enjoyable.

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