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Lovely Twilight Image of the Atlantic Lighthouse in Rabat This beautiful photograph was taken at sunset along the shores of the River Bou Regreg, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco's capital city, Rabat. Holiday-makers come to Rabat to enjoy its lovely beaches, its exotic and historic cu..
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The Acrylic Marrakech Fridge Magnet Morocco is an exotic vacation destination that many people travel to during the summer. There are many souvenirs you will find amongst the many souks or markets you are sure to visit during your stay. Marrakech holds a strong history and is a beautiful city to vis..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Hassan Tower, Rabat Hassan Tower, also known as Tour Hassan in Arabic, is a striking minaret of an unfinished mosque built in Rabat in Morocco. The construction of the tower was started during 1195 and it was planned to be the tallest and the biggest minaret in the entire wo..
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Souvenirs from Morocco

Souvenir shopping in the Kingdom of Morocco is an experience and adventure in its own right. Haggling prices is a national sport, so be prepared to bargain for great deals. Exquisite ornamentation is found on the traditional decorative silver and brass tea sets, as well as mirrors, frames, lamp shades and platters. A tagine is a traditional clay Moroccan cooking pot, and would make a lovely souvenir from Morocco for the culinary inclined. Leather goods are endemic to the country, especially bobouche. These slippers are lightweight, comfortable and colorful, perfect to wear in memory of your vacation. Belts, wallets, jackets, pillows and books are also very popular Moroccan memorabilia. Jewelry is another highly valued gift, with a huge variety of styles, colors and metals to choose from. The Argan nut is another Moroccan specialty, and it is turned into beauty creams and tasty spreads. No vacation would be complete without souvenir post cards, key chains and magnets of local landmarks and sayings.

The Fossils of Morocco

Hundreds of millions of years ago, Morocco and the Sahara desert where deep underneath the ocean. As the land changed and animals died, their bones and shells were left behind to harden and become fossils. Trilobites, crinoids, ammonites and orthoceras are the most common fossil varieties, in addition to shark teeth. It is possible to visit the factories where the fossils are recovered from the ground and processed into souvenirs on a daily basis. These items include jewelry, decorative slabs for furniture, glasses, ash trays and dinner sets. Also sold with the fossils, yet not one itself, is the desert rose. Called cockscomb barite, this naturally occurring mix of gypsum and barite has leafy, petal like formations, and is quite dramatic looking. Small fossil and rock samples should be easy enough to carry in your luggage and make a most unique souvenir for the hard to buy for.

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