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Souvenirs from Montserrat

Souvenirs from Montserrat are an ideal way to keep the beautiful memories and sensations alive in your thoughts for long after your vacation has ended. Posters, post cards and books full of pictures of the famous volcano are always popular, and you can purchase volcanic stones as souvenirs. You may also wish to take beauty treatments made from volcanic minerals as presents and candles perfumed with island flowers. Leather goods, dolls, greeting cards, hand-woven cotton, hot pepper sauces and jellies made from local fruits are just a few of the crafts produced by citizens, but make sure to purchase an item made from Madras plaid fabric. This lovely fabric is featured in green and yellow variations, as a part of the national dress. DVD tours, water globes, cute key chains, figural refrigerator magnets and T-shirts are a few more examples of the charming Montserratian souvenirs you will find on your journey.

Montserrat and its Volcanic Activity

One of the major appeals of Montserrat to tourists is the active volcano, which last exploded in 1997. Lying dormant since records were kept, starting in 1632, the Soufriere Hills volcano began its first rumblings in 1992. This seismic activity continued until July of 1995, when an explosion of steam and ash confirmed that the sleeping giant had awakened. In August of 1995, an ash cloud blanketed Plymouth, blocking out the sun for 15 minutes. It was at this time that evacuations of southern Montserrat began, but Plymouth remained populated until 1996. The city was abandoned to the volcano, and lies buried under layers of debris and mud. The largest explosion to date occurred in 1997, when pyroclastic surges covered the airport. Today, the southeastern section of Montserrat has been sectioned off as uninhabitable, and the population centers moved to the northwest. Tourism, which had died off after the explosions, has recovered as thousands flock to safely view the volcano.

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