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Souvenirs from Montenegro

Montenegro offers visitors many different ways to enjoy the fresh ocean breezes and sunny beaches, and assorted Montenegrin souvenirs to remember them. The markets are full of postcards, sunglasses, T-shirts, key chains and refrigerator magnets emblazoned with local symbols and slogans, as perfect pieces of memorabilia. If you forget your swimsuit or need something casual to wear after a day in the water, you can find great shirts, dresses and pants to supplement your wardrobe. Some of the most amazing souvenirs from Montenegro are the most temporary, as you piece together a picnic lunch from the many stalls full of fresh produce, cheese, meat and fish. You can also find attractively styled pots, pans and other household items. As you visit the villages, keep an eye out for art galleries and high end jewelers for a truly luxurious memory, and purchase a bottle of Amaro Montenegro, a local liqueur, to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Montenegro and Sports

Sports are very important to the Montenegrin identity, and you can enjoy many different types, including basketball, volleyball, football, handball, boxing, karate, table tennis, chess and judo/ Water polo could be considered the national sport of Montenegro, and they have won several titles in championships. In fact, the team came in fourth at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and have hosted many competitions. For many years, Montenegro was a part of Yugoslavia, and its athletes competed as a part of that country's team. With the political upheaval that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it took several years for the newly independent regions to form teams and to gain recognition with the governing bodies of the sports industry. Montenegro declared independence in a 2006 referendum, and was accepted into membership with the International Olympic Committee in 2007. Naturally, the Montenegrins are quite proud of their sports teams and will be glad to share their opinions with you.

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