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Monaco Coast View on Acrylic Fridge Magnet When you visit Monaco, you will find countless souvenirs of this gorgeous place and many of those souvenirs will have a picture of the Monaco coast printed on them. The Monaco coast is not only beautiful but is also a well-known highlight of the state, whic..
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Monaco: A Matter of Sophistication If you'd like to incorporate a bit more design to your home decor, you can't go wrong with this travel souvenir from Monaco. You can expect to see fabulous yachts in the harbor of this town that is home to nearly 4,000 inhabitants. It has a picturesque name as Cond..
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Monaco Skyline on Acrylic Fridge Magnet When you visit Monaco, you will come across several nice souvenirs and one of these keepsakes is this acrylic fridge magnet. You can see a view of the sea amidst some vegetation and a simple but pretty lamppost and the words "PRINCIPAUTE DE MONACO" printed on ..
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Souvenirs from Monaco

Souvenirs from Monaco can be a simple postcard, key chain or refrigerator magnet, featuring beautiful coastlines, images of the soaring buildings, or Grace Kelly, the Hollywood star who became a queen. Racing memorabilia from the Monaco Grand Prix, such as toy cars, posters, bumper stickers and videos are quite popular, as well. Many people find that luxury shopping for designer clothing, perfumes and jewelry does quite well as Monegasque souvenirs, as the glittering streets of the shopping district tempt them with the latest style. Bath and beauty products from France, Italian wines, chocolate from Switzerland, and any other gourmet item possible can all be found here. For those wishing to test their luck, the casino can also offer a few items in the way of souvenirs. Perhaps a poker chip left over from an especially fortunate hand, or a deck of cards bearing the casino name would be a fun way to remember your trip.

The Politics of Monaco

The second smallest country and monarchy in the world, Monaco is made up of only one municipality. Government division is still set up as the State and City of Monaco, with each department having separate responsibilities. The first attempt to set up different municipalities, following the 1911 constitution, created 3 different areas: Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo, and La Condamine. They were merged back into 1 municipality in 1917, after the people accused the government of unfair tactics. As a compromise, they were renamed and reassigned into 7 wards. Monaco is now divided into 10 wards, as urban expansion and land reclamation projects have created new population trends and concerns. As it is the most densely populated county on the planet, the wards must be able to react quickly to the needs of their citizens, making sure that streets are maintained, utilities function properly and there is proper police protection and response.

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