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Souvenirs from Mauritius

Mauritanian souvenirs are a fun way to share vacation memories and fun, long after you've returned home. One of the most iconic symbols of the Republic of Mauritius is the pareo. This long piece of tropically colored and printed fabric is wrapped in various ways to be worn as a skirt, dress, head piece or top. If you aren't quite skilled in pareo techniques, there are long enough to be used as curtains, bed spreads or tablecloths. The craftsmen have turned their skills in shipbuilding to create highly detailed models of historical naval vessels, which would make a fantastic addition to a study or office. Other souvenirs from Mauritius come from the natural bounty of the country, including fresh spices and flowers used to create cooking spices and body products, sweet teas and rich coffees, and woven bags, hats and baskets. Postcards, key chains and magnets are other fun ways to remember your time spent in the sun.

Animal Species on Mauritius

Ships and traders brought many animals to Mauritius, some by accident, such as rates and mice, and other purposefully introduced, like the crab-eating macaque. However, there are many native animals, including flying foxes and many bird species, which are continuing to flourish. The Mauritius grey white-eye, Rodrigues warbler, pink pigeon, Mauritius kestrel, Rodrigues fody and the Mauritius parakeet are the remaining endemic birds that continue to live on the islands, competing with the introduced myna bird and zebra dove for habitat and food. There is less of a concern with reptiles, as there are no recorded introduced species, allowing the geckos, skinks and keel-scales boas to exist in relative peace. Conservation of the island resources is an issue, and several species have already seen extinction due to over-hinting and pollution. The giant tortoise is a prime example, having been found on Mauritius in large populations until recently.

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