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Souvenirs from Mauritania

Picking the best souvenir from Mauritania is a matter of personal taste, but what in undeniable is the fun you have choosing it. Bargaining is expected when shopping, so be prepared to do a bit of haggling for the best prices on the postcards, T-shirts, key chains, and statuettes you will be purchasing! That's not all you will find in the markets, though, as you stroll through booths of leather jackets, belts, bags, and shoes. Hand-dyed fabric, sold in precut lengths to create clothing from, is a great deal and can be used to make household linens from. Wooden items, like carved bowls and tobacco pipes, are useful and portable, while tea sets are both practical and lovely. Silver jewelry can also be purchased at a reasonable cost, but be aware that the price may be indicative of the quality. No matter what you purchase as your Mauritanian souvenir, it will appeal to your senses.

Things to Do in Mauritania

The desert landscape of Mauritania beckons adventure seeking tourists, and delights with remarkable experiences and visions. The Adar massif hides jewels of oases within its rocky canyons, and 2 historical cities that beg to be discovered. Chinguetti is an unchanged historical city, and a past center of trade and Islamic studies. As you walk down the streets, you are traversing past buildings that have not changed for over 1000 years. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with its sister city Ouadane. Follow the world's longest train through the barren landscape to the coastline, and visit the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin, where millions of birds migrate to every year. If you are near Nouamgar, take a moment to view a most unique spectacle, as dolphins cooperate with local fishermen to drive fish into nets. Oulata is another UNESCO World heritage site, located in the southeast of Mauritania, with fantastically colored architecture.

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