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Souvenirs from Martinique

Souvenirs from Martinique are beautiful ways to memorialize your vacation, and share the experiences with friends and family. The Creole culture has lent its color and movements to island handicrafts, as seen in jewelry, sculptures, and dolls dressed in Creole style. Madras, lightweight cotton in bright plaid prints, is used to make traditional costumes and more modern clothing, such as dresses, shirts and scarves. A very popular Martinican souvenir is a bottle of rum, as this sweet, amber colored alcohol originated from the Caribbean. You can find it in many different flavors and in decorative bottles. Woven baskets are very useful gifts, and a piece of pottery made into a serving bowl or vase would be a welcome way to appreciate your time spent in this tropical paradise. The duty-free shops offer lower prices on designer goods, and are popular for deals on perfume and electronics. Of course, postcards, key chains and refrigerator magnets are great for giving to coworkers.

City Experiences in Martinique

Looking for different ways to experience the island of Martinique? After you've had enough of the sand and sun, step inside to visit some of the more interesting, and slightly more cerebral, attractions. The Regional History and Ethnography Museum reveals the history of the slave trade and how it led the island to wealth on the sugar plantations. The famous painter Gauguin spent some time on Martinique, and there is a small center showcasing art and documents created here. If you would prefer to something on the lighter side, the Museum of Rum offers a look into the creation of this popular beverage and occasional tastings. Carry on this enjoyable sensation as you visit the many nightclubs and bars that dot the island. Dancing and drinking to island beats and the latest pop music can create memories that are just as vibrant as the days spent on the beach.

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