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View of Timbuktu on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Timbuktu is a town in Mali located about twenty kilometers towards the north of River Niger on the southern end of the famous Sahara Desert. It is a very small town and is also known as the "city of mud and books." This acrylic fridge magnet displayed above ..
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Republic of Mali

Souvenirs from the Republic of Mali are evocative of the beautiful vistas and tribal influence found throughout the country. Postcards, key chains, T-shirts, magnets and water globes are great gifts to bring back to give to those who had to stay home, but you may wish to seek out something more special for yourself. A ceremonial mask or statue, carved from native woods, is a reminder of the people you will encounter, or you may wish to purchase a djembe, balafon or kora, all musical instruments, to decorate an office. Other distinctively Malian souvenirs, like swords, knives, and pottery, can also be purchased in the markets. Different types of cloth, such as bogolan and indigo, can be bought in-country and sewn into home furnishings upon your return. Leather bags, shoes, and sculptures are also a fantastic deal. Finally, look for jewelry, some made from precious metals and some from wood, to further enhance your wardrobe.

Sites of Interest in Mali

Mali offers many stunning cities, ports and natural settings for visitors to explore. As you tour the country, keep these points of interest in mind. Bamako, the capital city, has many museums and markets to tempt the tourist, and live music is a hallmark. If you have an interest in UNESCO World Heritage sites, Djenne is on the list, for its mud mosque and the Sacred Well of Nana Wangara. The port of Mopti offers bustling activity, and is the doorway to the Dogon Country. This land is home of the Dogon tribes, and is a top attraction in Mali. You can see a way of life that has been unchanged for centuries, and purchase authentic tribal crafts. If you would prefer a more relaxed experience, a cruise through the Niger River as it flows past the Sahara would be ideal. Finally, no trip to Mali would be complete without a visit to Timbuktu, one of the oldest cities in the world.

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