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Souvenirs from Malawi

The Republic of Malawi is a historic land, full of ethnic traditions and ceremonies. Malawian souvenirs are artisanal and wonderful values for the money. Carved wooden masks, statues and toys are intriguing gifts for the home or office, while ceramics bring charm and appeal. Baskets and hand woven twig rugs are a popular and practical souvenir from Malawi. Antique maps and books can be found in galleries in the larger cities, as well as paintings done by artists in the flourishing fine art scene. Batiks and textiles made into wall hangings, clothing and bags are sold throughout the country, and tribal necklaces, bracelets and earrings are ideal for decorating your everyday look. Posters and post cards of scenic vistas and villages would look great in a souvenir picture frame, or held up on your refrigerator with commemorative Malawian magnets. Key chains, T-shirts and bumper stickers are a fantastic way to share your African adventures.

Malawian History

Malawi had been sparsely populated until the 10th century AD, when an influx of Bantu tribes began to migrate to the area. Combining with the local population, a short lived empire was created in the 1500. This empire broke into a series of tribal groups that formed individual contracts with the Portuguese empire in the 1700's for human trafficking and trading of natural resources. The region was conquered by the British and called Nyasaland. The administrators were given little financial resources to manage over 1 million people, which resulted in the native population having to form grassroots political groups. The Nyasaland African Congress was organized to give citizens a voice in British Government, and proved most needed when Nyasaland was lumped in with Rhodesia as a new territorial federation. After a series of protests and reorganizations, the country became an independent nation in 1964 and renamed itself the Republic of Malawi.

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