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Souvenirs from Madagascar

Souvenirs from Madagascar are fun ways to remember your time spent in this exotic land. The most popular pieces of memorabilia are postcards, T-shirts, key chains and magnets, printed with colorful animals, green landscapes and witty native sayings. Beautiful sets of Antaimoro paper, created by adding dried flowers to the pulp, are an elegant way to send personalized letters, or to use in creating a scrapbook of your vacation pictures. Dried raffia is woven into hats, baskets, purses and wallets, lending a casual flair to everyday wardrobe choices, or you may choose to purchase excellently priced sets of gemstone jewelry. You may also wish to collect variations on the embroidered shirts and leather bags sold in the markets. Wood carvings of animals and embroidered tablecloths will give distinction to your home, while the culinary inclined will appreciate vanilla beans, saffron, honey, dried spices and pepper corns as a Madagascan souvenir

Points of Interest in Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar offers many outdoor activities for tourists to savor. There are various wildlife reserves located throughout the country, each focusing on different animals and habitat, with different levels of amenities. Lemurs, fossas, sifakas and jumping rats are just a few of the species you will encounter. You can also get close to the wildlife hiking through the national parks, taking in mountains, caves, canyons and limestone formations. Andringitra Mountain park is especially notable for its biodiversity and high mountains that are still accessible to the average hiker. The beaches of Madagascar offer easy access to coral reefs for scuba diving, warm waters for swimming and water sports and sunny sands for relaxation. Nosy-Be is the most popular tourist beach, for its location and inexpensive lodging, while Nosy Bahara is an isolated island that offers guests privacy. The capital city of Antanarivo is nestled in the Madagascan highlands, and has a unique atmosphere.

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