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North Macedonia

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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of the Beautiful Lake Ohrid Lake Ohrid sits astride the mountainous border between eastern Albania and southwestern Macedonia. As one of the oldest and deepest European lakes, Lake Ohrid is a fascinating highlight of both the aforementioned countries and is home to over two hun..
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Souvenirs from North Macedonia

Souvenirs from Macedonia are a reflection of the magnificent history and beauty that are found in this country. Many beautiful replicas of ancient works of art are available for purchase, such as gilded icons of Christian saints, marble statues of ancient gods and goddesses, or jeweled crosses. You can also find artists making new creations, inspired by these old treasures. Wooden carvings of landscapes, carved boxes and altar pieces are particularly fine examples of current art. Other Macedonian souvenirs could be a lovely piece of jewelry in silver of gold, a rosary made from wooden beads, or a bust of a saint. Of course, you can also find less luxurious, but no less meaningful, pieces of memorabilia. A picture book of landscapes or a map, shot glasses imprinted with the national flag, key chains with slogans, postcards of national monuments, or a refrigerator magnet shaped like a crumbling temple will be treasured for ages.

The Geography of Macedonia

Macedonia is a European country, surrounded by Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, and is the primary means of transit for goods from Greece to reach the rest of Europe. It is a mountainous country, run through by two major ranges: the Osogovo-Belasica range and the Sar Mountains, which turns into the West Vadar/Pelagonia group. The Vardar River runs through the two ranges, creating a central valley. On the southern border, Lake Ohrid, Prespa and Dorian Lake lies, creating a barrier between the country and Greece and Albania. Lake Ohrid is of particular note, as it is considered one of the oldest lakes in the world. In fact, there are over 1000 sources of water in the Republic of Macedonia, all of which either eventually empty into the Aegean, Adriatic or Black sea basins. Indicative of the country's history of seismic activity, there are many spa towns that take advantage of hot springs as health treatments.

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