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Souvenirs from Lithuania

Visitors to the Republic of Lithuania often have problems deciding what pieces of memorabilia to take home, as so many Lithuanian souvenirs are both attractive and useful. Amber jewelry, created from fossilized bits of tree sap, is incredibly popular. You can find earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings made with golden yellow stone, and should feel very blessed if you find a piece containing a trapped insect. Linen fabric is easily acquired in the country, and is made into shirts, dresses and suits. This lightweight fabric is also suitable for making embroidered tablecloths and napkins. Various types of liqueurs are sought out as souvenirs from Lithuania, including Lithuanian mead, made from honey and herbs. Krupnikas, Palanga and Dainava are other popular drinks. Look for them in decorative bottles to add to their value as a gift. Of course, no vacation would be complete without purchasing sheaves of postcards, key chains and refrigerator magnets to share.

Lithuanian Festivals

Festivals are a fun way to experience the culture of the any country you happen to be in, and Lithuania offers a great many. Kept intact from foreign influences until the 1800's, Lithuania has a strong ethnic identity, expressed in folklore, food and dance. Saint Casimir's day is celebrated on March 4th, and is one of the most popular festivals. The faith of this priest, and his heart for the Lithuanian people, are cause for a day of dancing and festivities. Saint Jonas Festival, Uzgavenes, Kaziuko Muge and Statehood Day are other popular regional festivals that incorporate religious sentiment. More recently, secular festivals have begun to take place in Lithuania, celebrating jazz music, dance and cinema. These occur in the larger cities throughout the year. The Satari Horse Racing festival celebrates a folk tale of a rich man and a poor man, each claiming the love of a beautiful woman.

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