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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of the City view of Monrovia, Liberia The raw beauty of the West African City of Monrovia has been captured beautifully in this picture on an Acrylic Fridge Magnet. While most African cities are recommended tourist spots, Monrovia has a charm of its own. This magnet makes for a..
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Souvenirs from Liberia

Enjoying a vacation properly means purchasing plenty of memorabilia, and the souvenirs from Liberia are an exotic and lively way to share your experiences. The ritual masks produced by artisans are one of the most famous Liberian souvenirs, and are a colorful way to decorate the walls of your home or office. Carved figures made from ebony, soapstone and mahogany are a thoughtful present, but please be aware that some of them are considered fertility aids. Colored fabrics, done in the batik style, are a steal of a deal and can be purchased in bulk to turn into bedding, draperies and table linens when you return home. You can also purchase embroidered clothing to wear, as a living memory of your time in the Republic of Liberia, along with beautiful stamped metal necklaces and earrings. Of course, one can never return from a trip without a suitcase full of postcards, T-shirts, magnets and key chains to share.

Liberian Towns

There are 3 major towns to visit in Liberia, each offering a distinct taste of the African lifestyle. Monrovia is the capital city, named after US president James Monroe, and sits on the St. Paul river, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. You will find it to be the business and political hub of the country, with the major universities and historical attractions. Buchanan is the second largest port in the country, and supports a population of over 25,000, made up of various African tribes. Many came seeking shelter here during the Liberian civil war, since the city stayed out of the path of the fighting. The tropical climate means that there is little variation to the weather theme of warm and rainy, but you will find many things to enjoy here, including watersports and beaches. Greenville is a lagoon town near the Sinoe River, and now mostly used for logging. If you would like to tour it, the best way to reach it is via boat.

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