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Souvenirs from Lesotho

Lesotho souvenirs are reflective of centuries of artisan work, as shown in the care taken in every stitch of a hand woven tapestry or mohair sweater. Beautifully crafted scarves and other accessories are created from sheep and goat wool, as well as sheepskin jackets, slippers, and throws. The skin is also tanned into leathers for belts, wallets, bags, and sculptures. A mokorotlo is a woven grass hat, and is a national symbol, created to resemble Mount Qiloane. Other woven items include baskets, mats, boxes and decorative items. Pottery items, such as large bowls, trays, pots and pitchers, are reflective of the skill and artistic ability of each village artist, and can vary widely in appearance. Jewelry is crafted from silver and gold, and is punctuated with dried seeds and locally mined stones. Finally, some of the best souvenirs from Lesotho are the figural magnets, beaded key chains and picture postcards that can be found throughout the country.

The Natural Wonders of Lesotho

Completely surrounded by South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho is a natural paradise of high peaks and exquisite scenery. The altitude of the country doesn't fall under 1000 meters, so there are many unique species of plants that are only found in this region of Africa. The Spiral Aloe is the national flower, and is endemic to the country only. Hidden within the crags of the mountain, you will see the violently red spikes of the Cape Alpine flowers jutting out. There are plans underway to create an Alpine park to preserve this unique bio-spot, preserving it for future generations. The Lowlands area of Lesotho is a series of limestone, basalt and sandstone formations, created by centuries of river and wind erosions. The almost alien landscape is a band of colors, transitioning from the warm tones of the sandstone to the grey lava flows that turned into basalt.

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