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Souvenirs from Lebanon

Visitors to the Republic of Lebanon are delighted with the markets full of heady scents, distinct textures and jewel-tone colors. Beautiful glass wares and decorative items, like stemware, plates, vases and pitchers, are a beautiful and useful present for newlyweds, or a brass tea set with enamel accents. Baskets are always practical, and can be used to store office supplies or household linens. If you don't quite have the room for something large in your luggage, vibrant postcards, laminated key chains, fridge magnets and imprinted golf balls are all excellent souvenirs from Lebanon. A more personal memento could be an elaborate jewelry set, and an embroidered men's shirt or elegant scarf can hold many memories. Hammered copper trays and serving bowls are as lovely as they are serviceable, and would accent a dining table with ease. Lebanese souvenirs are a colorful reminder of your vacation, and should be enjoyed as the works of art that they are.

Lebanese Cuisine

The Mediterranean cuisine of Lebanon is accessible and tasty, with delicious vegetarian options and filling meat dishes. The meal often starts with a mezza, or appetizer dish, full of fresh salads, olives and labneh cheese, served with flat breads. Some of the salad options are tabouleh, made from buckwheat, tomatoes and an assortment of diced herbs, and fattoush, a radish based chopped salad. You will also see hommos, a chick peas paste mixed with olive oil and lemon juice, served as a dip for bread and vegetables. The main dish will, quite often, be based on lamb or chicken, as these farm animals are easy to maintain in this terrain. Shish tawouk is a form of grilled chicken flavored with garlic, or you may wish to try kafta, which is a mixture of seasoned meat shaped into logs or balls. If you are on the go, look for a shawarma stand, where you can pick up tasty sandwiches rolled in flat bread.

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