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Fridge Magnet depicting the Dome Cathedral in Riga, Latvia The Riga Dome Fridge Magnet is one of the most striking pieces that you will find to make your trip to Latvia memorable. The dominating and larger than life presence of the cathedral has been depicted with perfection in the image. Together w..
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View of the Baltic Sea from Jurmala on Acrylic Fridge Magnet If you are an ocean lover, this fridge magnet is definitely worth your souvenir collection. Unlike other colorful souvenirs, this magnet's stand out feature is the black and white contrast that gives it a look similar to that of a fairy t..
Ex Tax:US$3.29
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Souvenirs from Latvia

Souvenirs from Latvia are a celebration of the country's heritage, traditions and natural wealth. Amber is readily found for great prices in Latvia, and is made into jewelry and household decorations. Leather items, like wallets, belts, bags and journals, are also another excellent deal, as well as ceramic products and wicker baskets. Linen is a traditional fabric, and table linens and clothing would be a great Latvian souvenir for your home. Knitted sweaters, gloves, socks and hats are created in ethnic prints and colors are another great option for mementos. Beauty products made from local herbs and clay are exported throughout the world, and would be a delightful present for yourself, or someone special. Glass beads and silver are a specialty of Latvia, and you can find unique necklaces, pins, bracelets and rings here, set in ancient designs. For those seeking fun memorabilia, post cards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains and fridge magnets featuring Latvian artwork and places of interest will fit the bill.

Latvia's Edibles

Latvia has a farm based diet, relying on fresh dairy, fruits and vegetables. Cheeses, yogurts, milks and kefir are found in abundance here, and in almost every meal. There are over 40 different types of native breads in Latvia, the most prevalent being rye, but you can also find loaves studded with carrots, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. If you happen to be visiting the country in the summer, be sure to enjoy the many drinks and dishes made from ripe strawberries. Honey is an artsan craft here, with many women focused on producing the best tasting syrup they can. Different flowers produce different tastes and textures, so be sure to try them all. Another item made from the flora of Latvia is Riga Balsams, a signature liquor. This medicinal tasting alcohol is mixed into coffees and other drinks, or just taken straight up. If you prefer beer, each region of Latvia has its own specialty, and is best eaten with smoked fish.

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