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Luang Prabang, the Jewel of South-East Asia Set at the confluence of two rivers, the Mekong and Nam Khan, Luang Prabang is a city of vibrant colors. Gleaming with golden aura emanating from temple roofs and the dark crimson robes of the thousand bands of monks, the city speaks for its splendor. Well..
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Spectacular Image of Famous Buddhist Temple in Laos For close to 500 years, the Temple of the Golden City (Wat Xieng Thong) has stood proudly on the Luang Phrabang peninsula as a monument to the Buddhist religion and an example of Laos traditional artworks. Whether you come to Wat Xieng Thong on pil..
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The Historic Landscape of The Plain Of Jars Is Pictured On This Attractive Resin Fridge Magnet This historical site is exactly as it sounds. The jars in question are large megalithic stone objects which can be found as singular entities, in small groups, or in large groups of one hundred or more, s..
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The Scintillating Allure of Kuang Si Waterfalls The turgid Kuang Si waterfall of Laos, Cambodia is one of the many natural crown jewels of the area. It is a travertine or three tier waterfall that is located approximately 29 kilometers south of the Luang Prabang province. The waterfall is a popular ..
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A Stunning Example of Traditional Laos Decorative Architecture The largest and most ornate Buddhist Temple in the Luang Prabang province of Laos is the amazing Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham, or more simply, Wat May. This beautiful picture has been depicted on a collectible Worldwide Gifts refrigerator mag..
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Colorful Image of the Temple of the Golden City One of the most important Buddhist temples in Laos, the Temple of the Golden City or Wat Xieng Thong, is captured on a magnetic photograph from Worldwide Gifts as a lovely souvenir from Laos. This beautiful wall depicts breathtaking traditional art and..
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Souvenirs from Laos

Remote and exotic, Laos contains many mysteries for the traveler to experience and unravel. Laotian souvenirs are reflective of this, with distinctive motifs and luxurious materials. The most famous of these are hand woven fabrics, produced from locally sourced silk and cotton. Made into clothing, tablecloths, pillows and wall-hangings, traditional symbols are embroidered and woven into cloth. Tantric diamonds are symbols of protection, while mythical symbols like naga snakes, river dragons and royal lions are lovely examples of history. You may also find them worked into brightly colored batik prints or carved into wooden statues and reliefs. Other souvenirs from Laos are just as easy to find and purchase, including picture refrigerator magnets, figural key chains, slogan T-shirts and tote bags to carry everything you purchase. Make sure to leave room for richly scented spices, gold and gemstone jewelry and replicas of ancient monuments to appreciate the glory of Lao People's Democratic Republic.

The Country of Laos

Laos is a mountainous country, with deep forest cover and tropical monsoons that soak the land from May to November. Resting between the Mekong River, the Annamite Mountain range and the Laung Prabang Mountain range, the country is broken up into the north, central and south geographical regions. There are 2 plateaus located in Laos: the Xiangkhoang and Bolaven. People living here enjoy 3 distinct seasons: cold from December to February, hot during March and April, and the wet remaining 7 months. Many flowers are grown in the country, such as orchids and poppies. 21% percent of the land was set aside for preservation by the government in 1993, to preserve the many endangered and unique species found only in Laos, such as the Laotian False Bloodsucker, the Lao Knobby Newt, and the Laotian Rock Rat. As a part of the Indo-Burma diversity hotspot, Laos is an important part of world conservation.

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