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Kuwait City Skyline on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Kuwait City is the capital city of Kuwait and is situated in the center of the country and lies on the bank of the Persian Gulf. The city is home to the parliament of Kuwait known as Majlis Al-Umma, several important government offices, headquarters of nu..
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Fridge Magnet Depiction of the Kuwait Towers Kuwait Towers consists of three narrow and beautiful towers established in the Kuwait City. The tower comprises of spherical structures on the top and are a prominent highlight of the city. The Kuwait Towers were officially inaugurated on 26 February 1977..
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Souvenirs from Kuwait

Mystical and mysterious, the Kuwati Bedouins produce the majority of the souvenirs from Kuwait. Wool weaving is the oldest of their crafts, used to create sturdy fabric that is turned into tents, cloaks, rugs, cushions and bags. Simple pottery and metal work used to make utilitarian bowls and pots has a certain appeal, or you may wish to purchase some of the handicrafts brought in from the surrounding countries, like inlaid wooden objects, delicately woven scarves and jewelry. Pearls are brought up from the Doha Bay, and turned into strands for necklaces and bracelets, and are set into gold and silver for rings and earrings. The traditions of boat building, making large wooden vessels for trade and transportation, are still present and you can purchase miniature replicas of them. Other souvenirs from Kuwait include T-shirts, postcards, refrigerator magnets, key chains, posters and books illustrating the wealth of the country, both materially and environmentally.

Things to Do in Kuwait

Visitors to Kuwait are often surprised by the historical enchantments and modern pleasures offered by the country. Al Jahra City is host to a traditional ship-building city, where you can take a ride on a boum or sambuk through the gulf. Failaka Island has several archaeological sites of interest, including a Greek temple. The island was used as an outpost by Alexander the Great, who named it Ikarus. The oil port of Mina Al Ahmadi sees much traffic from supertankers, and has an Oil Display Center to provide visitors with information on the oil industry. The desert surrounds the population centers with dunes of sand, but the Kazmah desert cliffs are at a high enough elevation to give an overview of the nearby bay. Of course, you can also enjoy modern luxuries, such as mall and market shopping, spas, golfing and sea clubs that offer access to pools, tennis courts and beaches.

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