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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of the Church of Christ the Savior The Church of Christ the Savior, also known as 'The Christ the Savior Cathedral' is an incomplete Serbian Orthodox Chrisitan cathedral established in Pristina, Kosovo. The establishment of the church was started during 1995 and it was intended..
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Souvenirs from Kosovo

Kosovo has a complicated past, which has led to an interesting mix of handicrafts and souvenirs available to the tourist. Filigree work, created by pulling gold and silver metals into delicate strands that are twisted, is used to create beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets with a delicate open work quality. You will also find this technique used to create figures, globes and architectural models. Hand sewn lace is worked into doilies, tablecloths and accent pieces for clothes, while embroidered pieces link you to history. You can also find woolen clothing, like sweaters, scarves and hats, in the markets, as well as leather clothing and bags. Other souvenirs from Kosovo include household and decorative items made from silver, brass, copper and wood. Black pottery is another regional specialty, distinctive in appearance. Turkish coffee set are an exotic touch for your home. Smaller Kosovar souvenirs include photo post cards, T-shirts, key chains and refrigerator magnets.

A Short Explanation of Kosovo

The Republic of Kosovo is a fledging country with a deep history of division and conflict. Throughout the ages, it has been conquered and disputed by various factions and countries, a situation that remains in effect today. Recognized by 88 countries, Kosovo was once part of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Today, those nations that do not recognize its sovereignty consider it to still be part of Serbia. A great deal of this tension is due to the conflicts between the Albanian and Serb populations, which have resulted in many wars. North Kosovo has a large Serb population, and is supported by the Serbian governmental framework, while the rest of the country is under the control of the Republic of Kosovo. Recognized by the UN and many members of NATO and the European Union, Kosovo's independence has been recognized by the international court of justice as being entirely legal.

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