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Fridge Magnet Depiction of the Blue Lagoon and Palm Trees in Kiribati Kiribati is an island nation situated in the Pacific Ocean. Its official name is the Republic of Kiribati and it consists of thirty two atolls and one beautiful coral island which is lifted above the sea level. The atolls are spre..
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Souvenirs from Kiribati

The Republic of Kiribati is a tropical dream for many, and I-Kiribati souvenirs are a wonderful way to share the sun, sand and ocean breezes with friends and family. One of the most popular pieces of memorabilia are the hand smocked tops created by local women, in a variety of colors and styles, perfect to wear on the beach with a dyed sarong or with a pair of jeans for casual comfort. Jewelry is also a wonderful gift, whether you choose a brightly colored strand of plastic beads, or a more complex item made from sea shells and wood. Woven mats, used as a practical piece of decor, come in various colors and styles of weaving. Food souvenirs, such as locally bottled noni juice, spices and coconut syrup, are useful to the amateur chef. Naturally, you can never have enough key chains, refrigerator magnets and postcards as souvenirs from Kiribati.

A Visitors Guide to Kiribati

Kiribati offers a slew of activities to the interested traveler. Many people visit for the historical impact of World War II on the islands, and tour the battle sites on the Gilbert group and Banaba Island. On Tarawa, there are still remnants of the armies that fought here, as seen by the guns, tanks, bunkers, and wrecked ships and airplanes that are visible at low tide. These same wrecks are also popular with scuba divers, who can take an up-close peek at these rusting hulls. Coral reefs teeming with sea life are also a hot spot for underwater activities, as people search out colorful fish and majestic sharks. If you prefer the dry land, Kiribati offers many charming and beautiful beaches, with the expected amenities that tourists want. The people themselves are quite welcoming and eager to introduce visitors to their way of life, and go out of their way to invite them to shared meals and community gatherings.

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