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Acrylic Fridge Magnet with the Petra View, Jordan There can be no better memorabilia of Jordanian culture than a skillful picture of the Petra on a fridge magnet. The image has been taken from a small cave opening, which makes the carvings and stone structures the focus of the portrait. The populari..
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Souvenirs from Jordan

Jordanian souvenirs are a dream of traditional handicrafts done in exotic styles and colors, using local supplies and natural sources. One unique item are decorated sand bottles, filled with layers of colored sand that are moved into place using funnels and knitting needles. The designs can be quite intricate, looking almost woven. A rug can be quite useful, and can be found in a variety of prices. Bedouin women make a sturdy version on horizontal looms, or you may wish to purchase a small prayer rug. Water pipes are colorful and fun musical instruments, and a kefiya would be an interesting example of cultural heritage. These checkered headscarves for men come in red or black. Small bits of pottery, such as statues and oil lamps, are charming. Camels are a popular motif, found on T-shirts, postcards, key chains, refrigerator magnets and tote bags, as well as popular landmarks and sayings, for a perfect souvenir of Jordan.

Jordanian Souvenirs

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers a great many artisan goods from the Bedouin tribes that live within its borders. Knives with horn handles are a great buy, and make for distinctive letter openers in an executive office. Beautiful beadwork created by the Bedouin women is a choice for fashionable females, or you can find exquisitely worked fine metal necklaces, earrings and rings set with gemstones in the large markets. Pick up a hammered silver jewelry box to store your treasures in. Soft cotton dresses and skirts, worn by the local ladies for casual wear, will add bohemian flare to your wardrobe, and are found in simple patterns or heavily embroidered. This embroidery is also found on shawls, pillows and table linens. A more formal clothing option could be a velvet madrigas. These ornate dresses might be too heavy to wear while you are in country, but would look lovely for dinner once you are home.

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