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Isle of Man

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Souvenirs from the Isle of Man

Souvenirs from the Isle of Man often feature the famous Manx cat. This stubby tailed cat is found on many different pieces of memorabilia, including T-shirts, note cards, key chains and magnets. More traditional artisanal pieces are made from the many herds of sheep that roam the island. Hand knit sweaters, scarfs, gloves and sweaters are ideal and practical ways to relieve your vacation memories, and to share them with your friends. Sheepskin vests and boots are also fashionable Manx souvenirs. Iron and steel items, made using traditional blacksmith techniques, are another way to appreciate the spirit of the people. A sculpture, or even a horseshoe, would be an interesting decorative element in a home. It can be combined with centuries of woodworking to create furniture and shelving, or you can find turned wood rocking chairs. A number of artists have located to the Isle of Man and create fine art pieces, inspired by the vistas.

Animals in the Isle of Man

The passage of time and the progress of humanity have resulted in the extinction of several species on the island, including the Manx pig, the Manx sheep and the Manx horse. However, the Manx cat, notable for having either a shortened tail or no tail at all, has flourished. They are prized for being great hunters, which is much appreciated by the farming populace. It is uncertain how the cats got to the island, since records have them listed as appearing in the 1800's. The Manx Loaghtan is a specific breed of sheep raised on the Isle of Man, with long horns and wool-free faces. A mild, wet climate has led to a surprising population of the common lizard, which is usually not found this far north in Europe. The marine wildlife around the island include the friendly Grey Seals, who hunt in the waters, and the basking shark, also called a whale shark.

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