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In Ireland, they say that meeting this little man in green clothes can bring wealth and happiness, it is only important to talk to him correctly. An angry leprechaun is capable of a lot of mischiefs. Leprechaun myths date back to pre-Christian times. In them, the leprechaun is a character of ordinar..
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Dublin - Jewel of the Emerald Isle A visit to the Emerald Isle is not complete without at least a brief stopover at its much raved about capital. With its cobbled streets, rustic old-fashioned pubs and quaint shops and restaurants, the city of Dublin conjures up fascinating images of a Celtic utopia..
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Ancient Ruins of the Largest Norman Castle in Ireland This Worldwide Gifts fridge magnet photo of Trim Castle is a great souvenir from Ireland, representing the country's heritage in a way that recalls the days of lords and ladies, battles for freedom and ballads of heroism. Trim Castle is but one o..
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Picturesque Scene at Ireland's Most Northernmost Port City Sligo is a popular tourist destination in Ireland, known for the scenic beauty of its countryside and also for its literary ties to poet laureate W.B. years and the writer Spike Milligan. This pretty Worldwide Gifts fridge magnet photo is a ..
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An Iconic Image in "Yeats Country" This interesting Worldwide Gifts refrigerator magnet photograph shows an iconic bronze statue of Sligo's native son and Ireland's poet laureate, William Butler Yeats. This intriguing rendition of the famous poet was created by sculptor Rohan Gillespie and was unvei..
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Souvenirs from Ireland

Souvenirs from Ireland are the capstone of a dream vacation for many people, and the variety of gifts, candies and crafts could make choosing the right one rather difficult. One of the most iconic symbols of Ireland is the shamrock, a 3 leaved plant that grows everywhere on the island. It can be found embroidered on linen sheets, painted on novelty shot glasses, and as molded rubber key chains and refrigerator magnets. Some of the more traditional symbols in jewelry are claddaghs, Celtic crosses and trinity knots, and can be found as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Luxury Irish souvenirs could include pieces of Waterford crystal, Belleek Parian china, Donegal tweed jackets, and an Irish fisherman's sweater. If you are looking for a more accessible piece of memorabilia, a bottle of whiskey or a few pieces of Cadbury chocolate would be a wonderful and delightfully tasty present for a lucky recipient.

Irish National Parks

Ireland is known as a land of beauty and lush landscapes, and the six national parks are an ideal way to experience it in full. The Burren National Park is made of limestone hills that are sparsely covered with flowers and has several Neolithic monuments to explore. Near northwest Donegal, the Glenveagh National Park is a scenic vista of forests, mountains and lakes where hikers can tackle the peaks of Errigal and Slieve Snaght. Birders and naturalists will take a great interest in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, where deer and many bird species make their home. Killareny National Park features an advanced series of walking paths of various difficulties though lovely landscapes of waterfalls and woods. A series of 12 mountains are the heart of the Connemara National Park. Ballycroy National Park, located in northwest Mayo, is the newest addition to the country. Remote and quiet, this is the location for those seeking solitude with nature.

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