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The Sacred Shrine of Qom The shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in Qom is regarded as a very sacred mosque by the Shia Muslims of Iran. Qom which houses the mosque is regarded as the second most holy city in Iran after Mashhad. The shrine was built in honor of Fatimah al-Masumah who was buried in Qom in 81..
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Souvenirs from Iran

Handicrafts are a beautiful way to remember your vacation, and Iranian souvenirs are exquisite in detail and craftsmanship. Perhaps the most famous is a colorful rug, worked in traditional floral patterns. These can be found in various sizes, some even small enough to fit in a large suitcase. Tapestries and upholstery fabric are also well reputed, and shipping arrangements can be made for larger purchases. Silks, made into clothing and accessories, can be purchased for very reasonable prices. Worked silver decorative items, such as picture frames, boxes and bowls are incredibly lovely, and stone engravings of historical events and Islamic sayings are an exotic touch for your office. A hand lettered piece of calligraphy is a signature souvenir from Iran, as well as a pair of embroidered slippers, for men or women. In all of your adventures, you mustn't forget to pick up color key chains, T-shirts, photographic post cards and magnets to help commemorate them.

Dining in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has an ancient cuisine that has its roots in past empires. Many types of ingredients are used in its cooking, ranging from roasted meats, to fresh herbs and vegetables, to sweet fruits and pastries. There are many links to the eating styles of its Mediterranean and Mesopotamian neighbors, but with a different spin on each recipe, based on locale. Main dishes consist of a mixture of rice and vegetables with some type of meat or fish, gently seasoned with lime, parsley, saffron and cinnamon. The morning meal, called sobhaneh, traditionally consists of flatbreads, jams, cheese and cream, or, for special occasions, haleem will be served. This mix of ground wheat and shredded meat is a time consuming meal to prepare. Lunch, naahaar, and dinner, shaam, are celebrated with the same kind of meals: meat based, with a great many herbs, vegetables and dairy products. Tea is served with every meal.

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