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Jakarta - The Gateway to Indonesia Jakarta is the largest and most culturally diverse city in the Indonesian archipelago. A converging point of many Asian communities, religions and traditions this dynamic prefecture is comprised of more than 300 ethnic groups that speak 200 different dialects and l..
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Denpasar - The Abode of Temples and Palm Trees Denpasar is the capital of the island of Bali and has played a pivotal role in championing growth and development in the nation over the last two decades. The literal translation in English means "close to the market", which is apt as it is home to the ..
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Souvenirs from Indonesia

Souvenirs from Indonesia are a fantastic way to memorialize your vacation in this tropical getaway. You are spoiled for choice in the variety of arts and crafts created by the citizens. An intricate kite, made from paper, silk and light wood, can be found representing mythological figures or animals, and make a fantastic memento for the young at heart. Batik printed fabric is made into sarongs, house linens, and hammocks that will add a tropical touch to a home, or a carving of a local god or goddess could bring good luck to the recipient. Baskets and mats are woven from grasses, roots and leaves that grow in the Republic of Indonesia, and are available in a plethora of colors and styles. Wooden bowls and tableware are useful Indonesian souvenirs, but nothing could compete with brightly printed postcards, lovely beaded key chains, and refrigerator magnets for being ideal trip memorabilia.

Visiting Indonesia

There are many reasons that visitors choose Indonesia for their vacations, including magnificent natural sights, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and cultural attractions that have existed for thousands of years. Home to some of the largest tropical forests still in existence, you will beautiful tigers, Javan rhinos, Komodo Dragons and Orangutans, as well as a diverse bird population. There are 167 volcanoes within the borders of Indonesia, with many that are easy for vacationers to access by walking and hiking. As befits the world's largest nation of islands, surfing and diving are popular pursuits, with coral reefs, shipwrecks and many fish and sharks to explore. Beaches are a natural counterpart to all these watersports. There are many Buddhist and Hindu monuments to visit in the islands, especially in Central Java. Bali is associated with many colorful religious parades and temples. No matter where you visit in Indonesia, you will find something truly remarkable.

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