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The musical signature of Hungary is the fiery folk dance of the czardas. It is believed that originally it was performed by gypsies, shepherds, and even steppe robbers. But later, the czardas dancers began to play the main role. Their vivid images at different times inspired artists, composers, and ..
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Hungarian Souvenir: Danube River on Acrylic Fridge Magnet The Danube or Danube River starts its course from Donaueschingen, which is a small town, located in the Black Forests of Germany. The Danube then runs for 2850 kilometers and enters the Black Sea. During its course, Danube River crosses nine ..
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Budapest - The Land Of Synagogues, Museums and Minarets The quaint city of Budapest is one that cherishes its cultural and historical legacy. The capital of Hungary is home to the Dohany Street Synagogue, which is the second largest in the world. The massive structure, which also happens to be the c..
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Fantastic Souvenir of Budapest: Buda Castle on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Buda Castle is a fantastic historical castle established in Budapest, Hungary. This acrylic fridge magnet beautifully portrays the fine architecture and magnificence of this castle, which makes it a fitting souvenir of the Buda Cas..
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View of Lake Balaton on Acrylic Fridge Magnet The Balaton is another name for the famous Lake Balaton, a freshwater lake located in the Transdanubian area of Hungary. The Balaton is not only a major tourist destination in Hungary but is also the largest lake in the entire Central Europe. The lake ge..
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Souvenirs from Hungary

When touring Hungary, it is strongly recommended to avail yourself of the many gastronomic wonders the country offers. Hungarian souvenirs, such as the piquant salamis, tins of creamy goose livers, canned cherries in cognac, ruby hued paprika, marzipan candies in charming shapes and fruit flavored brandies, are sure to be welcomed upon your return home. Embroidered fabric made into clothing, pillows, table linens and bedspreads, porcelain dinner sets and candlesticks, ceramic figurines and jugs and homespun pottery are lovely ways to bring a touch of European distinction to everyday life. Wooden sculptures of castles, churches, and homes are quite charming in their simplicity, and fragrant herbal remedies, made from local flora, are a perfectly natural way to celebrate the Hungarian countryside. Postcards featuring pastoral scenes, figural refrigerator magnets of cathedrals, T-shirts imprinted with witty slogans, or key chains made from pieces of hand-woven fabric are all wonderful souvenirs from Hungary.

Hungarian Palaces

Hungary has over 1500 great manors, palaces and castles, many of which have foundations that date back to the 13th century and the Tatar invasion. These crumbling behemoths create the uniquely European countryside, featured in tourist pamphlets, and reflect the Hungarian love of history and tradition. A few of the most famous include the Buda Royal Palace and the Visegrad fortress, built as displays of military and political power. The Lake Balaton region is dotted with magnificent castles that took advantage of natural resources and magnificent vistas to survive many foreign invasions, such as Sumeg, built on a lone hill and an accompanying manor home called Zichy. To the north of Lake Balaton, you will find castle ruins that speak to the battles fought, won and lost. The largest Baroque style mansion, built by the Esterhazy family, is considered the Versailles of Hungary, with ornate decor and rich gardens, and hosts musical festivals.

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