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Souvenir from the Statue of Liberty, New York, United States The Statue of Liberty in New York is one of most recognizable iconic images ever to be associated to the United States of America. Located at the mouth of the Hudson River near the strategic harbor of New York, the statue has always seemed..
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Souvenirs from Brussels, Belgium Visitors to Belgium's capital of Brussels are often surprised to discover its most famous trademark in the shape of a small scale bronze statue depicting a little boy urinating in one of the City's old fountains. But the little statue of Manneken-Pis (its original Fl..
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Mouthwatering Memories of Delicious Food in Alsace This keepsake refrigerator magnet by Worldwide Gifts is a wonderful souvenir from France and a perfect reminder of some of the authentic local foods that are so much a part of the culture when visiting the Alsace- Lorraine region of France. So many ..
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Iconic Images of Corsica on a Memento Magnet Looking for a great souvenir from France? Check out this colorful collector's fridge magnet and the panneau (sign) for Corsica. Surrounding the sign for Corsica are several of its most symbolic items, things representing the beautiful island's heritage an..
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