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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong - The Skyscraper Capital of the World While Hong Kong is most renowned for its high-octane martial arts movies and action stars, the island is also a leading contender in terms of commerce, industry, travel and tourism. This frenetic city with a dense but well structured population is a li..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet depicting Hong Kong's Airport Chek Lap Kok is the island on which Hong Kong's airport is built and it replaced the previous airport in 1998, called the Kai Tak airport. This airport has one of the world's largest terminal buildings and is open 24 hours a day. Cathay Pacific, D..
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Souvenirs from Hong Kong

As a part of the Special Administrative Regions of China, visitors searching for souvenirs from Hong Kong will find many Chinese items to choose from. Silk paintings, jade statues, or fancifully printed chopsticks are just a few examples of such items. If you wish for something a little more personal, consider paying a visit to one of the many skilled tailors and purchasing a fitted suit. You may also wish to take advantage of the excellent prices found on electronics and computer equipment. Slightly more traditional Hong Konger souvenirs are abacuses, either novelty sized or the large ones still in use, or a set of fine bone porcelain, either in an intricately designed vase or a set of dinnerware. Of course, you can always pick up novelty refrigerator magnets, molded to look like food dishes, good luck charms and landmarks, key chains printed with a name in Chinese, and lots of post cards.

Hong Konger Souvenirs

A most singular souvenir from Hong Kong is tea. You will find many stores that sell every variety possible of this beverage and rows of porcelain tea set, tea pots, tea cups and specially designed mugs that have a built in strainer for ease of brewing a single cup. Of course, you will want to purchase a beautiful table cloth and placemats to accent your new tea service, and you will find textile store full of options. In those same stores, you will also find many different styles and sizes of Chinese inspired clothing and accessories, as well as traditional costumes. Whether you wish to wear a full cheongsam, or simply add a pop of color with a silk brocade purse, you will find amazing prices here. Another fantastic piece of memorabilia is a mounted piece of embroidery. You can find double sided pieces that are placed on a rotated stand, adding to the wow factor.

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