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The Capital City of Tegucigalpa in a Nutshell The Republic Of Honduras is a Central American state that is bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea and shares its borders with Guatemala in the northwest, Nicaragua in the east and El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean in the southwest. The Honduran land..
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Souvenirs from Honduras

How can one keep alive vacation memories of sunny days and warm weather? Souvenirs from Honduras will help you keep and share those sensations with friends and family. A hammock made from locally woven cloth is a great way to add a tropical feel to your home. If you would prefer something distinctive for the office, a small carved mahogany box is perfect on a desk or a large trunk to store important papers in. The Mayans left many influences on this country, and several Honduran souvenirs are a reflection of that sensibility. A replica of a stelae, or Mayan ruler, is certainly recognizable, or you may wish to purchase a corn husk doll made by their descendents, the Chorti. Coffee is a major export of the country, and is available in beans or ground, or distilled into liquor. Postcards, key chains, T-shirts, maps, posters and magnets are just a few other ideas for memorabilia.

Honduran Souvenirs

Lencan pottery is another traditional art form, created by the women of Honduras for centuries. Each pattern is unique, but is always done in a palette of red, brown, grey, black, cream and white. A serving bowl, vase or flower pot would be ideal for accenting your kitchen. Jewelry is always popular as a Honduran souvenir, including strands of colorful glass and painted wood beads. If you are looking for something more endemic, strands of carved mahogany beads are easily found in the markets, as well as coconut shell earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Many people associate jade with Asia, but Honduras has many natural sources of it and was used by Mayans to carve deities. Today, you can find many lovely examples of this bright green stone made into jewelry, as well as lower priced replicas. Cigars are another luxury item that can be purchased here, made in the Cuban ways by political refugees.

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